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How Crypto Can Evolve Brand Rewards and Loyalty

Over the past few years the adoption of blockchain and crypto solutions by household brands has continued to accelerate. While these underlying technologies have been around for some time, new use cases are constantly being tested, explored, piloted and proven out across industries.

Blockchain and Crypto in Payments

The payments ecosystem is evolving quickly and in many different directions. The pace and breadth of change makes it a challenge to keep up with everything. Digital currencies are not new, and there are fascinating use cases that have already achieved scale.

CBDC DEA Whitepaper

Privacy is a crucial factor in the investigation and development of CBDC and therefore thoroughly researched by monetary authorities, academia, and private sector. With the amount of identity and transaction-related informations processed by CBDC, it's raising privacy concerns for future users.

The Future of CBDCs

As part of their remit of continuing to evolve money and payments, Central Banks around the world are beginning to explore, test and implement some form of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Navigating Crypto

When the Bitcoin protocol came into existence in January 2009, it was introduced as a peer-to-peer version of cash that would eliminate the need for financial institutions and other trusted intermediaries.

Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments

Three-fifths (58%) of SMEs say they are sending and receiving more cross-border payments now than they were before 2020.


2023 New Value Report Crypto Trends in Business & Beyond

There is no question that 2022 was a momentous year in the world of crypto and blockchain. As a collective industry, crypto experienced it all— the good, the bad and the ugly.

Security Tokenization - Unlocking Hidden Value

Moving traditional financial assets on the blockchain enables promising new value propositions for participants in financial markets.

Accenture Technology Vision 2023

When we shop, we either go into a store or pull up a webpage. We work in person or remote. We collaborate with people and computers, but usually not at the same time.

Ripple Payments by the Numbers

The majority of the finance industry understands that blockchain technology is a game-changer, but there are different predictions as to how this will affect businesses.

Ripple The Last Mile Playbook

Blockchain and digital asset technology is transforming the complex and often unreliable global payments process. When paired together, these technologies offer a solution for streamlining the entire payments system.

Ripple’s Blockchain in Payments Report 2020

The third annual Blockchain in Payments Report reveals that blockchain adoption is key to a successful growth strategy for financial institutions.


The Token Lifecycle in the Internet of Value

What does the lifecycle journey look like for a tokenized asset?

Blockchain and Crypto Sentiment and Perspectives

Global Finance Leaders are Confident in Crypto, Digital Assets and Blockchain

Tokenization Will Drive Greater Global Innovation

Finance decision makers expect tokenization as a way to drive innovation over the next three years

Blockchain Stands to Change the World

Crypto and blockchain technology are rapidly transforming the way the world moves, manages, and tokenizes value.

CBDCs: The Future of Fiat

As we've seen with crypto, CBDCs have many use cases, with new applications of the technology being explored. Those CBDC solutions that combine sustainability, interoperability, efficiency, security, and usability will drive the most powerful impact.

NFT Expansion Form & Function

While the initial popularity of NFT technology centered around art, collectibles and avatars, as the technology matures these applications are often becoming more functional at the same time other use cases for utlity-based NFTs are expanding.

Crypto & Digital Assets for Payments

Global finance leaders see use as a payment method as the biggest accelerator for the adoption of crypto and digital assets.

Why Blockchain is Making Waves in Finance

Global finance leaders are interested in exploring blockchain as a means of driving innovation for their business in the next 3 years.

Transforming the Way Money Moves:

Crypto and blockchain technology are rapidly transforming the way the world moves, manages, and tokenizes value.