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I spent most of my life in the trenches of corporate America and I understand its complexities and downfalls. It robs every last bit of energy from you and will seldom return what it stole. I worked in three long term jobs for fifteen arduous years as a procurement manager and I experienced firsthand the perils and shortcomings of the “nine to five” lifestyle. I witnessed job layoffs, corporate politics and unrealistic deadlines which over time took a toll on my life and the state of my financial future.

I always enjoyed politics and regularly participated in related activities. I am a firm believer in community involvement and I desired to dedicate more of my time to these endeavors. Throughout my professional career, I would think about the possibilities of entrepreneurship, yet nothing influenced me enough to take action. I take my work very seriously and I thoroughly research opportunities before I jump in.

My initial goal was to supplement my income, but when I found a system I deemed superior to anything I had seen previously, I had to consider an even greater future. I never recognized the vastness of the internet and once I realized its leveraging potential I knew I would achieve success in a short period of time. With the support, assistance and products I needed, I found my ticket to the lifestyle I desired.

I finally saw an end to the corporate nonsense and I chose to follow a different path, one that would lead me to financial freedom. I am dedicated to my goals and I love the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I am eager to take many people with me because I realize I am never greater than the people I am privileged to mentor. I believe the more I help others, the larger my business will grow. I am very thankful to have found this opportunity and I am excited at the continued prospect of a prosperous and successful future.

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