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A 5-Step Ladder to a Successful Home Based Business

Every other day you read a new internet business success story in the newspapers or on the internet and wonder why it couldn’t be you.

You certainly have the ability, you are confident, you are willing to work hard and lastly, you are desperate to change the way you are living.

Then why isn’t your name on that list?

Because most people do not believe that something like a home based business which requires much lesser time and effort as compared to a regular job, can work!

It is ingrained in our psyche that in order to make money, one has to go through the grind and work for more than 18 hours a day, which is wrong.

So why do an alarmingly large percentage of people fail when trying to work from home and create a successful lifestyle?

The reason is because they start wrong. The first few steps that one takes before starting a home based business opportunity are what may determine success or failure.

The 5 Beginners Steps

The Goal: Different people have different reasons for trying a home based business opportunity. Some, are trying to replace their existing job, others are trying to supplement their income, while there are a third lot, who want to get rich and change their lifestyle. Which category do you fall into? Write down your goal because your choice of the business opportunity depends on your goal.

The Business: Find a good legitimate business opportunity that has the potential to help you achieve your goal. Be aware that 5 out of every 10 home based business opportunities that you come across will be scams. Take your time, do not jump to conclusions or get attracted by fancy marketing gimmicks. Look for genuine companies that have a physical presence, a market presence and a proven success rate.

Understanding the business: Can you do it? Do not sign up for a business because your neighbor is successful at it. Understand the business. What does it take? Are there specialized skills required? Does it require you to put in more than 10 hours a day? Is there a demand for the business in the market?

The Investments: Apart from financial investments which are extremely crucial, you will have to invest time, effort and make many personal sacrifices in order to make your business successful. Are you willing to do it? Make a list of probable sacrifices that you may be required to make. It may be as small as adding a workspace to your home or as big as missing out on quality time that you spend with your family.

Work: Now that you have the first four, here comes the last and the most important aspect. Be prepared mentally to work. Work hard with the focus on your goals.

While the number of people who have succeeded with their home based businesses are much lesser than the people who have failed, you will notice that the number of failures would have been far lesser if they had followed at least more than one of the above mentioned steps.

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  1. Roy Daniel DSilva

    Nice points in this article. Clarity of thought is quite important when it comes to working out a successful home based model.

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