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11 Reasons to Work From Home Instead of an Office Cubicle

‘Oh yes, I have heard this before.’

So have I. But the difference is that the reasons mentioned below also include a few that you have probably never heard before.

I will start with the most obvious ones and then progress to the ones which I feel are equally relevant but rarely spoken about.

1. Flexible work schedules: I hate it when I am expected to report for work at 8 in the morning because I know that I will have to wake up at 5 and then travel for 2 hours to reach office. But when I work from home, I set my work hours. I can work when I am at my productive best, be it 2 in the morning.

2. No More travel: I hate travelling in irritating traffic like every other human being on earth. Think about it. The only commute I will be making occasionally is from my study to the kitchen.

3. Me, my boss: If devil exists, then the honors go to your boss. Pesky, irritable, obnoxious, hypocrite, just the few words that I can think of to define most bosses. But now, I am my own boss.

4. My Family: For the first time, I can be there for my family like I always wanted to. I can watch my child take his first few steps, I can be there for his first ball game, I can be there to take them out for a movie. Isn’t that what we all cherish?

5. My Paycheck: I determine what I earn. For the first time, my paycheck is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort that I put in. The more, the better.

Now those were the most obvious ones that you may have heard a million times or more. Now here are some more.

6. Unlimited Potential: I have the ability to earn a million dollars and I am going to earn it for the best person possible, me! There is unlimited potential to earn in a work from home business.

7. Tax Benefits: You can deduct almost everything as business expenses and earn tax benefits when you are working from home. Something that was impossible in a regular corporate job.

8. No more politics: I hate being a sycophant and will never be one in my life. I am not a bluffer and hate being overtaken in my career by someone like that. Now, I don’t have to face that situation.

9. No overhead expenses: I don’t have to shell out a huge amount as investment for a fancy office with the works. I work from my study and I wear my boxers while I work.

10. Vacations when I feel like: Feel like taking a vacation? No leave? All in the past! Now, I take one when I feel like taking one.

11. Earn and let earn: In my business, I am not the only one who earns. I watch others earn with me and the feeling is amazing.

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